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Beijing at 23:00 on February 17 , the first Premier League game in the first 27 , shot by a European king Liverpool Premier League buy cheap fifa 14 coins home game against Swansea and away the king of defense . Shot more than 500 times the number of times this season, the Reds wanton 21 -foot shot in the first half , but only by virtue of Gerrard 's penalty 10 leading manufacturers from Suarez . The second half started within 11 minutes of Liverpool with three cities , Coutinho , Enrique , Suarez were meritorious deeds . This ​​into the last ball and kicked the door , Liverpool 50 victory. The campaign , the first time this season Liverpool defeat the upper half of the team standings , 12 consecutive unbeaten Premiership home and replace the first seven positions Swansea , also three points behind city rivals Everton . Previously only 10 away clean sheet number Swansea pay for the distraction League Cup , suffered nearly 10 game 2 defeats .

Since Swansea will participate with Bradford League Cup final on the 25th of this month , one week in advance of this league is . Liverpool manager Rodgers compared to week EU Cup squad lost to Zenit made ​​four personnel adjustments, January Coutinho from Inter Milan to join the first starting debut , Agger , Lucas and back from injury Sturridge also returned to the starting lineup , and after three Premiership starter Skrtel could not turn back to the bench , Qiao Alun temporarily can only sit on the bench to face his former club . Swansea last round victory over Queens Park Rangers , a game which coach Laudrup great round of the league 's intention to abandon his adjustment to the starting lineup for up to seven people, only goalkeeper Worm , right back to the David Adams , midfielder Pablo Deguziman and continue starter, including the team's top scorer meters Chu are the main players , including more than stand on the bench .

This is Liverpool Premier League history 400 home games . The first two minutes , Steven Gerrard free kick to the left baseline Coutinho , Coutinho www.offcoins.com perimeter shot was vigorously denied the bottom line , then Steven Gerrard corner to the point , Downing left foot volley pad Shepian out . The first six minutes , Suarez penalty area out of the way on the right angle Bajiaonushe , Worm situ ball confiscated. Swansea 8 minutes lesson , when the siege was restricted Agger other striker broken away, Rama and then knock the ball Backdoor find , has announced the first of this summer Carragher retired feet saved the day . With Houguziman corner, Rama penalty point right foot shot was blocked by Glen Johnson .

Liverpool to continue the siege . The first 10 minutes , Downing left foot volley wide of the right lateral dribbling . The first 12 minutes , Downing right corner to the point , not in the Glen Johnson header . The first 14 minutes , Suarez cross struck the right side , Downing 's long-range ridiculously biased . After 1 minute, Britten tripped in the penalty area arc Suarez , Steven Gerrard free kick hit the wall and bounced back , Suarez a follow-up shot higher . The first 18 minutes , Suarez three -team field in the front fell to the ground , his free kick himself up again . The first 20 minutes , Jomtien Daly headed siege not far , peripheral Suarez blasted home 10 -foot shot , the ball flew straight grandstand .

Liverpool constantly approaching goal. The first 23 minutes , Downing right pass, Sturridge headed in the restricted area will be little higher . After 1 minute, Suarez accurate long pass play up front on the right side to find Sturridge , Sturridge superbskill , lateral the ball inside the penalty area exceeded 400 people were Bartley tripped , nearly Kudiniao incredible shot wide from Jianlou . For Bartley 's foul , the referee Webb refused a penalty . The first 28 minutes , Kudiniao precise through ball to find Sturridge , Worm jumped out the door the first match. Then Lucas's long-range perimeter has been confiscated Wome .

The first 32 minutes , Liverpool fought back right steals , restricted the right to knock Suarez , Gerrard burst follow-up shot was blocked Britton bottom line . With Liverpool finally broke the deadlock in the next corner , Gerrard opened the ball to the point guard when the ball was underlined Suarez Augustine pushed to the ground , Weber Point to point 12 yards , missed the last round of Gerrard volley cool hit 10 ! With the Gerrard of the season eight league goals , fourth in the Premier League Liverpool confront Swansea finally break the opponent's goal . The first 36 minutes , Suarez , Suarez find Sturridge in front of Downing pass the time looking after the point is Worm shot away , Gerald peripheral blasts followed up by Munch denied the bottom line .

The first 40 minutes , Munch backcourt siege mistakes inside the restricted area Sturridge on-one picked the ball over the Worm , but the door still Bartley escorting . Liverpool comeback soon , get the right break Sturridge hit the door of opportunity for small-angle , Worm successfully sealed near the corner . The first 42 minutes , Swansea get the rare opportunity of Guzman foot long shots , Reina easy to get the ball . The first 44 minutes , Guzman free kick into the box , but the judge Munch unmarked make mistakes when Zhengding neck first touched the ball , clearance by Glen Johnson rushed .

Ex situ battles . The game has just begun 16 seconds left Suarez cross struck the decisive penalty area Kudiniao fast encroaching ball kicker , Worm threw the ball but could do nothing 20 ! 1 minute almost Mui two degrees, turn off the right side of the penalty area off Suarez cross struck Davis in the middle , Brazilians grab points Qiaoshe just wide. Liverpool 50 minutes with the use of a wonderful team to continue to expand the score, Enrique and Suarez left the restricted area pass with the run , Sturridge collusion cross struck the middle, fell to the ground outflank place Enrique Tongshe succeeded, 30 ! This is Enrique 's first two of the season goal .

Liverpool once again rewrite the score after 56 minutes , Downing Zhise , Suarez had pitched ball flash turn off the other two in the back to make the score 40 ! Suarez first 18 league goals last season , only one less than Van Persie ball . The first 61 minutes , Kudiniao end rest in applause , Henderson Ruti . The first 64 minutes , then Sturridge left behind long pass Worm catapult was saved , Suarez follow-up tip has been bent Bartley headed the rescue . The first 67 minutes , Guzman and Enrique Carragher broke into the restricted area was closed down, Webber refused a penalty . Liverpool escaped almost counterattack succeeded, Sturridge and run with pass behind Downing , left the restricted area within the former Tongshe be denied Worm feet .

The first 71 minutes , Enrique cross from the left to find Suarez, Routledge deliberate handball foul was sentenced to death , surgeon Sturridge penalty kick hit 50 ! This is the first four league goals after joining Liverpool Sturridge , with less than 420 minutes partner Suarez scored eight goals together . The first 73 minutes , Munch siege kick the ball directly to Sturridge , Sturridge peripheral curveball volley hit the crossbar pop ! With Houqiaoalun replaced Lucas , Borini also replaced Suarez . The first 79 minutes , Glen Johnson through ball into the box is blocked Bartley , unfortunately Borigni lack of preparation . The first 82 minutes , Borigni reciprocated knock on the right baseline , stopping Glen Johnson volley wide .

Swansea cursory , but apparently abandoned off the bench to let m Chu intention that they will fully prepare for the League Cup final. The first 84 minutes , Routledge edge of the area to try a shot , Reina made ​​the whole game for the first time flying save. After 1 minute, Borigni with Bartley scraping injury to the arm fell to the ground , screaming in pain after he was sent back to the locker room straight , Liverpool 10 men . But the two sides have been uninterested , together stoppage time , can be regarded as the final stage in almost a walk later, Weber ranging stoppage ends on the end of the game blew the whistle .

Tencent Ticker at 23:00 on February 17 , the first 27 Premier League Liverpool at home buy fifa 14 coins in the first half 10 is leading Swansea . The first 24 minutes , Suarez straight midfield , broke through Sturridge in the penalty area , the last step of the foot Sturridge fell in the penalty area, the Liverpool missed the chance Tencent Ticker head start in February at 23:00 on the 17th , the first 27 Premier League Liverpool at home in the first half 10 is leading Swansea . The first 33 minutes , Suarez breakthrough manufacturing penalty , Gerrard overnight total of 31 times on the history of the two teams clash , Liverpool 15 wins, seven draws and 9 losses into the 71 fault, non 33 balls prevail. But since the Swansea promoted to the Premier League , two teams fighting four times in all competitions Liverpool wins , 2 draws and 2 losses is not a field . Since under 50 to win Norwich Liverpool Reds last 5 games , 3 losses , 2 draws without victory , if knocked out of the FA Cup by Oldham was an accident , then the last round at Anfield big advantage of the situation lost to West Brom , Europa League defeat to Zenit , Rogers then blame the first five minutes , right corner of the penalty area on a corner Suarez low shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper. The first eight minutes , shot in the Liverpool penalty area , the ball was Johnson with a chest Dangxia . The first 15 minutes , Suarez was tripped in the box before rivals , Liverpool won a free kick 19 meters from goal chance , Gerrard foot low shot was denied the wall , then shot Suarez kick . The first 24 minutes , Suarez straight midfield , broke fifa 14 ps coins through Sturridge in the penalty area , the last step of the foot Sturridge fell in the penalty area, the Liverpool missed chance 32 minutes head start , Gerrard Britton shot from outside the area was denied the bottom line . After 1 minute, Suarez was a breakthrough in the right side of the penalty area Augustus Tyn stumble , when the referee whistled for a penalty Weber , Steven Gerrard fired the ball calmly left corner , Vorm even flutter on direction could not do anything . 10 , Liverpool head start ! The first 40 minutes , Sturridge single ball is reasonable to resolve Vorm and defender . Since then the two sides no contribution , the first half Liverpool temporarily to 10 lead.
In 2010, world football ups and downs , of which South Africa World Cup cheap fifa 14 coins is the climax part . In 2010 draws to a close , FIFA (FIFA) official website recalled this year some of the most compelling figures and achievements. In 2010, over 30 games, the Norwegian team Rosenborg unbeaten , becoming Norway 's top league history to win an undefeated team . Over the past two years , Rosenborg in 60 league games lost only one field . South Africa World Cup, the only undefeated team to get them is the New Zealand team . Dutch team before the finals qualifiers and finals remain 14 games unbeaten, but was eventually defeated Spain. Spain win the World Cup in South Africa 's history, only three players ( Villa , Iniesta and Puyol ) had a goal. The previous World Cup history, no Which team won fewer than four goal hero . In addition, Spain in the final laps of eight goals in the World Cup but also all the champions in the least. This is Eto'o won the " African Footballer of " number of times. Earlier this month, the fourth Cameroonians get this award , beyond the legend A Beidi . Pele and George Weah ( two were 3 times winners ) , becoming the best player in football history of African crowned the title of the highest number of players. In addition, this year became the first Eto'o still two consecutive seasons won the " Triple Crown" of players. Today, there are six European club to win over the "Triple Crown " in the title of the season . The team recently won this achievement is the Serie A giants Inter Milan. Previously, only the Celtics ( 1967 ) , Ajax ( 1972 ) , Eindhoven ( 1988 ) , Manchester United ( 1999 ) and Barcelona ( 2009 ) to reach such heights . On Jose Mourinho coached team lose at home dating back to the first 7 years and 10 months ago. November this year, the Inter Milan in Serie A for up to 32 months unbeaten home record was broken, but then coach Jose Mourinho has not . The Portuguese first home defeat in February 2002 , when he led FC Porto in the Portuguese Super League was Beira Mar beat . After Spain win the World Cup in South Africa , the world champions to eight the number of teams . Meanwhile, Spain also became the first team after the game is still in losing the first team to win , but also the first team outside the European team to win the European continent . In October, PSV Feyenoord 10:0 bloodbath , the two teams made ​​the biggest victory in the history Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins PS3, Fifa 14 Coins XBOX For Sale!offcoins.com! of 102 years of confrontation . Feyenoord is one of the big three Dutch league , but in the second half of the game , lost the next eight ball. Prior to their most painful defeat was in September 1983 to 2:8 loss to Ajax . 2010 South Africa World Cup , the German striker scored his crozier on the first 14 World Cup goals, with German legend Gerd Muller tied for second top scorer in World Cup history , behind only in the first row of Ronaldo a ball. In January, Egypt won the African Cup of Nations an unprecedented three consecutive championships, and the creation of the African Nations Cup record of 19 consecutive games unbeaten . This time helped Egypt win the Mojave legend Dmitry Najib : Najib did not match the starting lineup , but eventually became the tournament 's top scorer. Istanbul team 's dominance in the Turkish league came to an end after 26 years . Last season, Bursaspor team in the soil thrilling final round to win the Super League , Trabzonspor in 1984 after becoming the first team to win the non- sporting Istanbul team. In 2010, Messi scored a staggering 58 goals in 54 attend on behalf of the Barcelona games . As last season in Europe " Golden Boot " winner , Messi scored in the league the year 2010 the number ( 42 ) , assists ( 15 ) and the number of dribbles (166 ) are ranked first in the league . May this year, the Barcelona team to a record 99 points to win the club history 20 league championship . Last season , Guardiola's team leader in the home situation has never been overturned opponents ; they scored three or more goals in three of 50% of the La Liga match ; throughout the season , their only goal is opponents defeated 24 times , creating the best defensive record since the 19731974 season . It is inconceivable that this season Barca 's performance further , becoming the first team in league history to get 43 bonus points before Christmas team . This is the Argentine veteran Martin Palermo earlier this month to achieve personal career goals total . This year's World Cup in South Africa , Palermo became the oldest player on behalf of Argentina in the World Cup scoring . Also in this year , Palermo became top scorer in the history of Boca Juniors , breaking the record for 72 years by the Roberto Barrichello creation.

In fact , Muric Chinese nationals have been discussed fifa 14 xbox coins for a long time , but in Muric willing to join himself to say before , no one has these things too seriously . Can be chosen to five goals in the AFC , the AFC FIFA selected MVP, acceptance Night Football interview, Muric said that " I am willing to join the Chinese nationality ," one time , this topic will truly branded a "serious "label in last night 's " Football night " program, Muric on a lot of fans called for him to join the nationality issue China responded : " If you can add , I really hope I can join the Chinese nationality , I knew this thing would be . difficult, because a foreign player to join the nationality of another country , has never happened before in China before, I think it will be very difficult , but if we can join the Chinese nationality, I would be very happy, if you can not join , I have continue to do my job . "

Under the existing policy of FIFA , Muric Chinese nationality if , on behalf of the Chinese team qualified for . But compared to FIFA regulations , the relevant Chinese laws , but stricter and more . According to " People's Republic of China Nationality Law " , foreigners who apply for Chinese nationals need to have one of the following three conditions : 1 , China near relatives ; 2 , have settled in China ; 3 , there are other circumstances justified from Muric look, first of all do not comply with the first , second , Muric currently living in China for nearly three years, the policy states that foreigners settled in China must fifa 14 ps coins have lived for eight years before they can apply for naturalization , he also wants to join the Chinese nationality would have to wait five years , which is unrealistic . Therefore, to the relevant provisions of naturalization only the third section of the program by introducing talents . If you go plans to introduce talents in Chinese sports community has no such precedent. Moreover , the overall level of Chinese football is now , apparently , will not make the introduction of a national football Muric qualitative change , apparently through the talent introduction plan unlikely . ( Consolidated )

Touts Tree Man : Muric very confused , Chinese sports it not confused ? Ping-pong feather out on behalf of other countries or regions to play a lot , why we can not introduce the players ? This is now increasingly open environment consistent with what ? This is not a sports problem. A policy or regulations to adhere to for so many years without modification , whether it be regarded as the times ?

Lei 0713 : Muric Chinese nationality if they can , then the Chinese Football Association should immediately go to Brazil to recruit another group of three to four " Muric ." Imagine if China has a national team of three to four " Muric " composed axis , it is not easy to qualify ah. This thing is great. German football so powerful, with Poles, Turks, Tunisians , Chinese Why not use Brazilian national team . The key is to let go of the idea Jian Liang : If Muric join the Chinese team , then scored 10 finals is not the problem . In fact, compared to the Chinese team and amongst the strongest teams in Asia , the strength is a gap, but it is not the poor, in most cases we are in the presence of the surface stalemate . And break this stalemate is a weapon . Strongly supports Muric Chinese nationals !

Panzhihua aha: Muric certainly hope that he meets the conditions for naturalization into the Chinese national team . However, in order to let him into the national football soccer specially modified to allow the State to take care of naturalization conditions ? How much can change in a Muric Chinese football ? Do not be too quick success . Brazil, Spain and other countries and stronger than the Chinese players can not enter the multi- national team of the country are hired ? So might as well put their football manager hired . Or down- right shot magazine : Chinese football can not be short-sighted Chinese football needs is to create a sense of energy to cultivate China's own " Muric " football youth system , but not now be a short-sighted Jose ! odd to solve momentary pleasure ! not to repeat the mistakes of 2002 , into a World Cup, a result everyone forget to Scrapped almost 10 years later , and now is the time for Chinese football is still Scrapped debt !

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Marokko Ortszeit am 21. Dezember , Katar Fidel Fernsehen fifa 14 münzen erstmals weitergegeben , Katar Sadd Club Marokko, spezialisierte und Muric geschickt, um über Fragen im Zusammenhang mit der Übertragung zu verhandeln , sagen, es wahrscheinlich am 1. Januar nächsten Jahres drehen ist Nach der Wiedereröffnung wird das Fenster kommen Sade Team. Anschließend ist der Teamleiter Saad bestätigte den Transfer auf Themen und Muric Nachricht zu diskutieren. Dies bedeutet, dass nach den Lochkarten , Muric Hengda wahrscheinlich auch permanent Brigade aus internen Quellen zu verlassen , sagte , Muric durch die hervorragende Leistung in den letzten Zeit hat eine Menge von Zitaten aus dem Westen empfangen , vielen europäischen Clubs , dem höchsten Angebot noch 10.000.000 $ erreicht, aber der Verein hat auf dem Transfer Muric nicht berücksichtigt. In der Tat, in diesem Jahr , weil ich Muric benched nachdem Lippi in einer Liga , begannen sie, einige Risse , Muric , selbst wenn es gab nur feiern und zu umarmen , statt zu ignorieren Co-Trainer Lippi erscheinen Szene. Und nachdem er die beste Entwicklungshilfe in der AFC Asien- Preisverleihung in Kuala Lumpur bis Ende November dieses Jahres gewählt wurde, die Muric in einem Interview mit Reportern, wollte die Idee zu zeigen, um zu gehen, "Bis jetzt ist alles noch nicht entschieden worden ist, nach dem Club muss ich verhandeln und eine endgültige Entscheidung treffen , natürlich, vielleicht gibt es andere Optionen. "Inzwischen Muric sagte auch, es wird den Vertrag zu respektieren , außer es ist ein Bruch mit Trainer Marcello Lippi nach Hengda trat er das Gehalt ist nicht sehr befriedigend , obwohl Hengda Club gab ihm die Gehaltserhöhung , aber immer noch nicht sehr hohes Gehalt , vor Steuern 2.000.000 $ . Sad Team Muric zu graben, das Jahresgehalt von mindestens verdoppelt. Heute ist Hengda Club Aspekt zu sehen, was genau ist die Haltung. Muric in konstanten Brigade Jahre im Wert gestiegen , aus betriebswirtschaftlicher Sicht , ist der Deal sicherlich ein Schnäppchen. Aber lassen Sie einfach die Lochkarten , aus der Sicht des Entwicklungsteams , um zu sehen , lassen Sie den anderen Kern-Spieler , ich fürchte, es wird erhebliche Auswirkungen auf das nächste Jahr Partituren sind Riesen Valencia kaufen Haltung oder Entscheidung Geparden vor Gott und das Schicksal der Exposition in Brasilien Zusammenbruch nach der A-Nationalmannschaft habe ich beschlossen, Luneng Hengda zehn Millionen europäischen Riesen Valencia Targeting brasilianischen Zauberer Exposition Hengda wollen gemeinsam jagen Muric nächsten Jahr Wilderei Raul beitreten? Muric und seine Familie nach Brasilien zurückkehrte , sagte der Aussicht Zweifel nicht wissen, ob Gott Muric erinnerte daran, zurück nach China und Ägypten bedauern Conca brillante Saison Abschied Hoffnung gibt es einen Ersatz Ibrahimovic in Asien wird erwartet, dass die AFC -Finale Sainty Hengda hat zwei Ziele in Brasilien Jianye erzielte beitreten Taobao Ernte lernen, Pakistan wieder aufzubauen a Crack -Team des Geschäftsmodells Jianye Zhongmou "ab " Black Clover Neujahr wieder anzuschließen Neiyuan ein Geka Tongo Afrika oder Abschieds Henan Jianye klang Super Versammlung Jianye Ge variable Sa Hilfe Cartoon und Taisho Pakistan Ein Team Verhalten Vertragsverhandlungen Hauptständer Studie Henan Club Fifa 14 Coins Kaufen, Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Münzen - Schnelle Lieferung, 100% Sicher, Günstigste Preis.www.fifasky.com! oder nicht in Korea und Cartoon- Ge erneuert wurden angeregt Liuyang PK Wu Lei Zhang Lin Zhang Zhe Sun Jihai Ausweg: ? Hengda Auslandshilfe ist nicht mehr schrecklich sie nie erfassen Guiyang Gong Lei: Hengda nicht ohne Nachteile erwarten, dass die FA-Cup- Rekord Zheng gewinnen: Menschen haben einen physischen Vorteil gegenüber der Triple Crown Wunsch über Müdigkeit Lippi : sind nicht eine Schlüssel Sieg ist in der Tat ein wenig müde und die VS Hengda Hengda Vorschau: Zur Begrüßung brechen Guizhou Drehen Lippi letzten buchstabieren FIFA Ranking: Fussball hinzugefügt 11 Punkten auf Platz 93 Liter 4 fast 10 Monate unter der Vormundschaft der besten U-Boot- Cao Zhang Enhua Training kann Liga Sorge gegossen werden ?
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Yankees Super detonated crisis , national fifa 14 coins security is a tough one , one is the Football Association 's embarrassment, a few weeks after the confrontation between the two , people may finally see the Chinese football to fundamental institutional revolution ray of hope . The evening of October 17 , the head of the Dalian Shide Xu committee meeting ahead of the next day's Super 13 papers published these documents is to rebuild the Super programmatic document , it requires separating the Chinese Football Association will be returned to the league title League clubs , including the league title , league management rights , the right to operate the league , the league claims to supervise professional football has more than ten years later, China 's football is still the surname "official ." Able to prove this point , is the " Chinese Football Association, Articles of Association ," the first paragraph of Article Prospectus , " Chinese Football Association football is the territory of People's Republic of China engaged in the units and individuals to form the only national voluntary non- for-profit corporate social groups . " What a strange thing, a " non-profit social organization legal person ", but could have claimed in their charter that they are " the only nationwide ," is engaged in football monopoly groups based on common sense, only the government has set monopoly privileges. Therefore, unless the Chinese Football Association, thinks , and recognized by the government to exercise administrative powers , otherwise an ordinary corporate social groups is probably not such a positioning their roles , " Chinese Football Association Constitution " and the provisions of Article 2.2 , the Chinese football Association, " to accept the State Sports General Administration ...... operational guidance ," as if it really is a common Corp. . However , everyone knows the world , the Chinese Football Association and the Football directly under the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center is actually a set of two brands of men . By convention, the Chinese Football Association officials are appointed by the General Administration of Sport , they are truly administrative " officials " is such an institution has sufficient administrative color , more than a decade , but the management is actually directly operates purely commercial football League . Chinese football circles Guaixiang , chaos , most of these distortions and institutional framework itself has a direct causal relationship between the direction of the commercialization of the Football League is completely correct . Football is a game in the final analysis , however , recreational projects, the state does not need to spend money to feed the football player. In fact, the football club can rely on market operation alive and well . Although state-owned enterprises involved in the football league , once the state-owned enterprise financial fifa 14 ps coins soft constraints , inefficient, poorly managed chronic illness , etc. into the football circles . However , generally speaking , have been able to operate on the club level , however , over the years , but the Football Association to use their monopoly power to control the league according to market logic. Football Association as the league organizers , operators, and is controlled by the game how a play, is entirely their own final say. Once the administrative authority involved in purely commercial activities, of course, football league pandemonium would not call it a A, or from the club called Super perspective, the business logic is twisted powers competing for each club playing crooked ; From Football perspective, its regulatory powers fairness rules are also corrosion profit almost completely lost credibility. So , ultimately to the brink of collapse league sources said the situation , the State Sports General Administration by the end of this year to make significant adjustments to the football, basketball and volleyball balls three regulatory agencies , namely the Chinese Football Association football management , management center and basketball Volleyball management Center were isolated from 42 institutions directly under the State Sports General Administration , and become an independent non-governmental organization in the direction of reform is right, but this alone is not enough. Chinese Football Association should indeed become independent civil society organizations , but if it becomes non-governmental organizations , should not be re- styled as " the only national " nor should no longer have administrative powers ; say the least, even though it is still " the only nationwide ," nor should the league actually own act directly as a sponsor . Billed as a " non-profit " organization , the league should not be blending this purely commercial activities. Its responsibility is to engage all appropriate non-commercial activities associated with the football , which is by its articles of association , the nature of its business activities you should be left to the clubs themselves to do it. If people recognize the Football League is a purely commercial activity , then let those in pursuit of profit as the goal of the club himself in accordance with the commercial rules of the game to play real business , so that the club itself was established real major league career , is earned is lost , crying myself to go . Currently , Dalian Shide Xu has made ​​quite specific programs for these plans are feasible , an outsider without the say over . It is important to re- arrange football management, systems management framework . National sports decision-makers should be carefully considered in the football field , how to determine the limits of power and the market, how to locate the role of the Chinese Football Association. Just general goods and services markets, the competitive environment can only come from a pure business and power system arrangement isolated from each other : Let 's go commercial business , let go of power authority Unfortunately , so far, authorities Football Association and Sports Management seems unwilling to face such a revolutionary reform program. Football Association involves enormous benefits , the possibility of self- innovation naturally small. On the other hand , as in other areas , special interest groups can blackmail authorities, sports authorities the possibility of reform would be difficult to think wisely football system . Football chaos will continue for some time. So, when will we see a commercial power and separated from each other , and the rule of law to regulate the football market ?

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Für die Mobilfunkbetreiber auf fifa 13 coins kaufen der ganzen Welt , die Weltmeisterschaft 2006 in Deutschland hat ungewöhnliche Bedeutung . Ihre Erwartungen für die Weltmeisterschaft in Deutschland, nicht weniger als die Hardcore- Fußball-Fans auf der ganzen Welt . Denn von Beginn der aktuellen Weltmeisterschaft in Deutschland wird es eine nie dagewesene Zahl der Handy-Nutzer über das Mobiltelefon sein, um Live-Fußballspiele sehen das wird die Weltmeisterschaft in der globalen 3G-Mobiltelefon sein Debüt . Europäischen und asiatischen Mobilfunkbetreiber bereits rüstet sich , sie um die Vorteile dieser goldene Gelegenheit, Start in den 3G-Markt Kopf nehmen wollen, nach der amtlichen Statistik der FIFA WM 2002 in Japan und Südkorea die kumulative Zahl der Zuschauer von 288 Millionen Menschen , in 25 Spielen verteilt Tage Zeit. Unter ihnen , Brasilien und Deutschland im Finale lockte 1,1 Milliarden Fernsehzuschauer . WM- Zuschauer werden sicherlich letzte überschreiten , in das Gesicht eines so riesigen Publikum , bereit, Kommunikationsunternehmen und Internet-Unternehmen, natürlich nicht verpassen diesen attraktiven Markt " Mit dem Aufkommen der WM 2006 , eine neue Berichterstattung in den Medien wird einen kometenhaften Aufstieg . " FIFA-Turnier Geschäftsführer der TV-Rechte -Agentur Infront Gesellschaft ( Infront Sports Media ) sein Oliver. sagte Sibert . Da die Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2002 Broadcast-Bereich ändert sich schnell . 2002 kann nur Japan, NTT DoCoMo war die Gründung eines Joint -Agentur über das Mobilkommunikationsnetz, um Video- Länder mit der FIFA zu übertragen. "Das Ergebnis war sehr erfolgreich, und ich erinnere mich an die Zeit gibt es etwa 25 Millionen registrierte Nutzer , ist es ein guter Anfang. " Christina Solomon Infront Firma Vertriebsleiter der neuen Medien , sagte: "Anders als in früheren Jahren sind wir in diesem Jahr mit Betreiber in mehr als 100 Ländern unterzeichneten eine Vereinbarung Rundfunktelefon . " Solomon sagte. Infront Rundfunkbehördenicht offenbart die Größe des Handy-Markt , aber Solomon sagte , dass die Welt Millionen von Dollar in Größe erreicht . "Es ist auf jeden Fall spannend in einigen Märkten haben wir den Gegenwert von 10% der TV- Lizenzeinnahmen noch mehr gemacht . " Salomo sprach Infront ist auch das Land mit mehr als 80 Unternehmen unterzeichneten im Internet Nur wenige Minuten Spiel Clips ausgestrahlt Lizenzvereinbarung

Natürlich , je nach nationalen Gegebenheiten können www.fifasky.com die Inhalte des Telefons zu verbreiten ist ebenfalls unterschiedlich. Infront speziell formulierten Standard-Mobilberechtigungspaket, das vier Minuten pro Spiel vorgestellten Videos, die während des Rennens übertragen werden kann, enthält . Aber nur diese 4 Minuten kann verwendet werden, für die kommerzielle Entwicklung , zum Beispiel , verwendet das Spiel Scoring Erinnerung , Einzelspielauswahlsowie eine tägliche Auswahl der Gruppenspiele , etc. Es wird zu sehen sein Infront -Tochter Host Broadcast -Service zum ersten Mal mit Modus "Pan und Scan " , um das Spiel zu senden vorgestellten Handy -Kamera. Das Muster ist deutlich zu hoch auf dem Handy-Bildschirm Vergrößerung Fußball und Fußball -Spieler werden. " Dies wird die erste High-Definition- Zoom-Technologie große Sportereignis sein , so ist dies das erste Mal, die Menschen tatsächlich sehen die speziellen mobilen Video- Produkte."

"In einigen Ländern , vor allem in den weiter fortgeschrittenen Technologie -und Fernsehabkommenermöglicht auch für den Ort , geben wir auch die Netzbetreiber , mobile Übertragungsrechte für die Live-Übertragung des ganzen Spiels zu bieten." , Sagte Solomon . Wie der Deutschen Telekom T-Mobile -Gruppe , wird in 20 Spielen mit dem deutschen Handy- Szene ausgestrahlt werden. Diese Sendung Vereinbarung wurde in Deutschland unterzeichnet wurde, haben die anderen Sender nicht ausgestrahlt , weil das Telefon kann Konkurrenz zu befürchten. "Jeder weiß , dass das Telefon nicht greifen Zuschauer Live-Übertragung aus dem TV gibt , weil beide in verschiedenen Marktsegmenten ausgerichtet. " , Sagte Solomon in Deutschland , zusätzlich zu T-Mobile , einem anderen Betreiber O2 wird seinen Nutzern bieten 4 Minuten der Spielfiguren . London ansässigen Nachrichten-Quelle ITN ist eine Vereinbarung mit T- Mobile, werden sie eine 24-Stunden -Weltmeisterschaft exklusive Mobile-TV- Kanäle , um sicherzustellen , dass die Fans die neuesten Nachrichten aus Deutschland und Italien, die Mobilfunkbetreiber 3 Italia erhalten zunächst startete in diesem Monat mobile TV-Dienste in dem Land , um die goldene Gelegenheit, die WM zu nutzen. Französisch Betreiber SFR Gesellschaft wird zeitnah spielen Videospiele pro Tor . Spanischen Betreiber Telefonica in Lateinamerika besitzt das Unternehmen fast alle von dem neuen Geschäftsmodell der Medienrechte vor Jahren gelegt

Diese Betreiber haben nicht die Anzahl von mobilen TV-Zuschauer , um Vorhersagen zu machen , werden sie mehr als ein Test von 2006 Jahren. " Um die Zahl der Zuschauer beobachten diese Spieleauswahl vorherzusagen und zu leben, ist es sehr schwierig, und ich denke, unabhängig davon, wer gerade spricht , ist dies nur ein Test oder zu versuchen. Um , wenn wir eine gute Erfahrung bekommen kann. " Ein Supervisor Betreibers sagte, es ist sicher, dass Fußballfans auf der ganzen Welt geben nicht auf auf dem TV- Bildschirm, um die geräumige schmalen Bildschirm Telefon anzuschließen. Dann diese Telefone in Richtung der WM- TV-Rechte für die Betreiber ist der Zweck ? Ist es nur eine Möglichkeit, den Verkauf von High- End-Handys zu erleichtern ?

"Wir haben das Gefühl, dass die WM wird vor allem verwendet , um die Entwicklung von 3G-Diensten zu fördern. " Ein Branchenexperte Analyse sagt: "Ich denke, es ist genau aus diesem Grund, dass diese Betreiber wird so hungrig macht, um Übertragungsrechte kaufen und seine Hauptaufgabe ist nicht zu erwarten von Inhalt der Einnahmen vorgesehen , sondern eher wie ein Marketing-Gag . sollten wissen, dass die WM die Menschen in den nächsten 7 Wochen drin sein , wird die tägliche Thema der Diskussion die Tatsache sein, dass dieses Telefon Fernsehen Geschäftsmodell vor fünf Jahren diskutiert wurde , weil sie im Jahr 2001 versprochen Infront Unternehmen in der Lage, mobile TV- Spielstücke für 4 Minuten zu bieten. " dann sind wir sehr vorsichtig sein , weil niemand weiß, das Telefon, um die Veränderung im Bereich der was passieren würde, 2006 . Unser Fernseher mit Mobilfunkbetreibern und Lieferanten zu diskutieren, wenn die Leute denken , dass vier Minuten am Telefon übertragen das Spiel Stück ist ausreichend, und nicht mit Live-Fernsehen in Konflikt geraten. " Solomon sagte, dass , sobald der Erfolg dieses Geschäftsmodells während der WM , dann das Telefon im Fernsehen Genehmigung ab dem 9. Juli beginnt, sehr populär geworden , weil die Telekom-Betreiber müssen sich auf die Weltmeisterschaft 2010 aussehen versammelt. " dann müssen wir wieder eine Autorisierung der Klassifizierung . Mit neuen Unternehmen den Markt zu kommen , wird der Wettbewerb um diese Lizenzen sehr intensiv . " Solomon sagte.

Sohu Ticker 29. Januar Nachricht , Beijing Baxi Football Club Fut coins wurde in dem kleinen Tag statt, um das Pekinger Frauenjahresversammlung, das jährliche Treffen der VereinsvorsitzendenBaxi Guo Weiwei Peking und Frauen -Team gerne trinken feiern , aber das muss man Li Jie , Qu Shanshan , Gu Yasha und anderen neuen und alten Stürmer angesichts der hohen Erwartungen an das Team, ich hoffe, dass sie ein Erfolg der neuen Saison machen kann im letzten Jahr in Peking acht hallo Team in der Liga kicken , um gute Ergebnisse zu erhalten, wird das Team von oben nach unten nach Peking begangen Entwicklung des Fußballs in diesem Jahr die Übernahme von Peking Frauen, Frauen helfen Frauen in der Super League teilzunehmen. In der Regel , Beijing Baxi Fußballverein Vorsitzender Guo Weiwei einschlägigen Führern , die Hände mit der Frauen- Generäle kommen gesammelt für eine Saison nur eine Zusammenfassung endete , sondern auch Aussichten auf das neue Jahr Gu Yasha , Qu Shanshan und andere gerade fertig Frauen- Vier-Nationen- der Stürmer auch Gepäck kam auf die Szene . Alte Stürmer Li Jie, Zhang Tong , der das Objekt der Aufmerksamkeit geworden ist. Pekinger Frauen ehemaligen Cheftrainer Wang Haiming, und beauftragte einen ehemaligen Assistenten Donald Chengdu Sheffield United als Fremdberater , die neue Saison hofft das Team , um einen Unterschied in der Frauen- Super League zu machen, kämpften drei Peking Baxi Fußballmannschaft ist derzeit auch Kunming Hai Firstwintertraining, wird der Mannschaft das Team während der Frühlingsfestferien für drei Tage zu geben, dann wird Europa-Tour zu gehen. Nach dieser Phase , die Einführung von ausländischen Hilfe-Teams sind noch in der Untersuchungsphase , Coach Pete mehr Kontakt mit dem Team nach Team braucht Verstärkung. Für Baxi , ist in www.fifasky.com diesem Jahr entscheidend , Akquisitionen Frauen, ihre eigene Basis zu schaffen und selbst Profi-Fußball Fußball, Fußball-Giganten arbeiten mit Bemühungen, junge Menschen auszubilden , eine Reihe von Aktionen Baxi wollen auch die Entwicklung des Fußballs in Peking zu fördern, Peking hoffe auch, dass mehr Fans können ihre Aufmerksamkeit auch . ( Sohu Sport Liu Yu )
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